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Estimating Simplified

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Co-Sourcing your estimating can sky rocket your company's productivity and growth.

By merging technology with a human touch, WeScope streamlines your estimate process with unbelievable results. We are your partner in growth.

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How We Help

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Increase Revenue and Scale Your Business

We're your expert estimating partners, so you can focus on getting more jobs and running them profitably.

Estimating for a quick settlement has proven to be the most significant bottleneck for the entire industry. As a result, most businesses spend more time on administrative tasks versus servicing their customers.

Removing this hurdle is paramount to scaling your business. WeScope partners with you to remove this bottleneck with a personal touch, so your estimates look and feel like "your estimates."

Increase Productivity and Capacity

We understand how in-house estimate work can hinder your company's growth since it demands your best employees and eats up countless hours of your company's time.

Get a quality estimate the first time. WeScope assesses, writes, and formats your estimates within 48 hours. Our team of highly specialized estimators has extreme attention to detail.

We go to the extra mile to ensure your estimate is not only accurate but approval ready.

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Why The Fastest Growing Contractors Use WeScope

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Save Money - Subscription Service

We do not bill for every deliverable. Receive one monthly bill versus hundreds of invoices.

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Integration with your Technology

We integrate with all of the restoration, roofing/exterior and 360* documentation and others.

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Ease the Administrative Burden

Focus your employees on growing revenue - not on time consuming paperwork.


"Trust the #1 Xactimate Estimate writers to write your water mitigation, mold remediation, fire restoration, flood loss, roof damage, and structural/rebuild/repair estimates with industry-leading turnaround times".

"Last year it took 4-6 weeks post surge to complete and invoice all of our estimates during a cat event. During this surge event working with WeScope, everything was billed and pass review in a week."

"First, I just want to say, you guys rock! We are very appreciative of everyone at WeScope!!"