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Services.png. Steps involved in creating a restoration estimate.Services.png. Steps included to create a restoration estimate.

Our team delivers accurate estimates via a 3-step process -

1) Gather 3D walk-throughs and photos of the loss site.

2) Use the WeScope app to capture a video scope. WeScope will analyze the images and detect any additional details that may have been missed, verifying the estimate against carrier rules to ensure accuracy.

3) In 24 to 48 hours, you will receive an approval-ready estimate. The bonus - WeScope estimators are trained in both Xactimate & Symbility.

Ready To Increase Your Company's Top Line?

Our tailor-made estimate solutions help you firmly hold the reins of your company's growth. We believe every restoration company deserves to grow exponentially instead of getting caught up in the quicksand of administrative work.

Dive into our comprehensive suite of services to see how collaborating with us can boost your profits and make your team happy.


Complete-Estimate.png. Ala carte pricing for estimates.
  • Dedicated Senior Estimator
  • 1 Click Estimate Request w/Estimating Workflow Integration
  • 1 Day Program Estimate Turn-around
  • 100% Approval Guarantee on Program Estimates
  • Employee Training for MICA and Matterport
  • Discounted Large Loss Estimates
  • Sketch, Scope, and Photo Documentation
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Xactimate and Symbility
  • All estimates verified by proprietary AI software

Need a one-time estimate quickly?

Access our pool of highly skilled estimators on an as-needed basis for your CAT Events, volume surges, when your team is away, or whenever the situation demands. Discover our pricing options based on the number of estimates you require.

Prices start at $150.00.

The attributes or properties of this estimate are not equivalent to those included in a WeScope subscription.

If You're A High-Growth Contractor, You Might Be Looking For A Reliable And Efficient Long-Term Estimate Solution.

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