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Estimating Simplified

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Estimate -Tornado.png. Tornado showing line items of an estimate.
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Finding the Right Estimate Partner Can Be Game - Changing

Outsourcing your estimating can significantly increase your productivity and growth. WeScope offers a unique solution that combines technology with a human touch, streamlining the estimation process and delivering remarkable outcomes. As your growth partner, we are committed to helping your company succeed.
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How It Works



Matterport Camera


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Inventory the loss.

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Find the line items that photos can't.

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Compliance with all the latest carrier rules and guidelines.

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Documentation for all line items.


Our team delivers accurate estimates via a 3-step process -

1) Gather 3D walk-throughs and photos of the loss site.

2) Use the WeScope app to capture a video scope. WeScope will analyze the images and detect any additional details that may have been missed, verifying the estimate against carrier rules to ensure accuracy.

3) In 24 to 48 hours, you will receive an approval-ready estimate. The bonus - WeScope estimators are trained in both Xactimate & Symbility.

Easy Subscription Pricing

One easy to understand invoice. Unlike our competitors, WeScope does not bill for every deliverable. Receive one monthly bill versus hundreds of invoices.


Multiple completed estimates
  • Dedicated Senior Estimator
  • 1 Click Estimate Request w/Estimating Workflow Integration
  • 1 Day Program Estimate Turn-around
  • 100% Approval Guarantee on Program Estimates
  • Employee Training for MICA and Matterport
  • Discounted Large Loss Estimates
  • Sketch, Scope, and Photo Documentation
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Xactimate and Symbility
  • All estimates verified by proprietary AI Software

Why The Fastest Growing
Contractors Use WeScope


Outsourcing Estimators
Saves Time and Money

Recruiting and keeping highly skilled professionals in the field of estimation requires significant investment.

Fingers Snapping with ease

Ease The
Administrative Burden

Focus your employees on growing revenue - not on time consuming paperwork. WeScope handles all revisions and issues with carriers and TPAs.

Brain with Technology

Integration With
Your Technology

We integrate with all of the restoration, roofing/exterior and 360° documentation and others.


"First, I just want to say, you guys rock! We are very appreciative of everyone at WeScope!!"

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Need a one-time estimate quickly?

Access our pool of highly skilled estimators on an as-needed basis for your CAT Events, volume surges, when your team is away, or whenever the situation demands. Discover our pricing options based on the number of estimates you require.

Prices start at $150.00.

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